October 4, 2012 Issue, Selected Stories

Bates endorsed by area labor

Carpenters forced to strike Lighthouse Academy

Airline union-buster auditioing for President?

Airline union-buster auditioing for President? PART 2

Lake Chaminwood opens to public

IBEW 176 members annual picnic

IBEW 176 members annual picnic PAGE 2

IBEW 176 members annual picnic PAGE 3

Mitt Romney, meet the 47 percent

Unions necessary to rebuild middle class

October 11, 2012 Issue, Selected Stories

Building Trades help out local United Way

Gerrish honored at retirement party

4th annual fundraiser for domestic violence awareness

‘Mandatory’ Romney campaign event costs coal miners day's pay

GOP platform: ‘Nightmare for American workers’

Romney defines middle-class income as $250Gs a year

RNC Convention cleaners' pay drips below minimum wage

October 18, 2012 Issue, Selected Stories

Laborers honor retirees

Laborers honor retirees PAGE 2

Laborers honor retirees PAGE 3

Painters from Local #33 give back

Glasgow, O'Neil, Moran thank labor for their support

Building Trades makes endorsements

Obama administration focus on middleclass job creation moving country forward

Union drive registers 450,000 new voters

Hey, Mitt. It's not just Big Bird, it's 21,000 jobs

October 25, 2012 Issue, Selected Stories

11th Congressional COPE Rally to get out the vote

Joliet area voters meet with State Representative candidate Natalie Manley