Building a Brighter Future for Workers

Serving the City of Joliet and all of Will and Grundy Counties since 1915.

Working Tirelessly to Make Building Trades Better

Will & Grundy Counties Building Trades Council is a labor organization consisting of 26 local unions across multiple trades. Established in 1915, we strive to bring in union construction projects to the area and build a better quality of life for workers and apprentices.

Procuring Projects for Job Security

Our officers and senior members work together with construction companies and other stakeholders to secure projects that will create union jobs in the City of Joliet and all Will and Grundy Counties. They put the needs of our members as a priority, securing them the jobs, benefits, and protections they deserve through negotiation and planning.


Putting the Community First

As a labor organization, we always work towards the best interests of our members but also the local communities they are a part of. All of our affiliates are heavily involved in improving their neighborhoods and tackling the issues that will impact everyone involved.

If you wish to learn more about our organization, feel to contact our office at Joliet, Illinois by calling (815) 729-1002. We look forward to hearing from you.